Dragon Class


Design: Johan Anker

8,90 x 1,98 x 1,20

Year: 1992  (Hull: GRP)  Refit: 2006 / 2011

Beautiful Dragon with International Dragon certificate 


Loc.:Kats, the Netherlands                


Asking price € 17,500




Vanity of Hamble

Bowman Corsair 44

Design: Holman & Pye

13,42 x 3,94 x 2,15

Year: 1982  (Hull: GRP)  Refit: 2008 / 2011

Beautiful seagoing and fast classic.

Major refit exterior and interior.

Loc.: Hellevoetsluis, the Netherlands                


Asking price € 175,000





Auxiliary Ketch

Design: Charles D. Mower

14,25 x 3,88 x 1,40 / 2,45

Year: 1927   (Hull: Mahogany)

Romantic heritage feel!

Loc.: Mystic Seaport Museum, USA



Asking price € 21,950






Bruce King One-off

Design: Bruce King

11,73 x 2,00 x 1,98

Year: 1989   (Hull: Cold-moulded)

Points well and is a joy to sail! 

Loc.: Mystic Seaport Museum, USA     



Asking price € 44,900






Noordzee Sloep

Design: E.G. van der Stadt

10,25 x 2,75 x 1,60

Year: 1963   (Hull: Iroko)

Very nice daysailer with basic accommodation.

Loc.: Stellendam, The Netherlands     


Major price reduction!

Asking price € 39,900





KAT Edge 31

Dazzling Black


6,70 x 2,10 x 0,5/1,5 

Hull: Vinylester

A shoal-draught fast cruising lugger with carbon masts.

In new condition!

Loc.: Stellendam, The Netherlands  


Asking price € 39,500




KAT Edge 31
KAT Edge 31


Edge 31

9,55 x 2,20 x 1,40 

Hull: GRP with Esthec® wood trim.

Easy handling rocket daysailor, no maintenance.

Weights only 1.650 Kg with 1.000 Kg ballast!

Loc.: Stellend, The Netherlands  

Price reduction!

Asking price € 32,900




KAT Edge 31
Tango / Frans Maas

White Spirit


Design: Frans Maas

11,05 x 3,22 x 1,85

Year: 1971  (Hull: GRP)

Major restoration between 2011 / '13..

Loc.: the Netherlands                









New York 32

Design: Sparkman & Stephens

13,82 x 3,20 x 2,10

Year: 2010  (Hull: Red Cedar / Epoxy)

Replica in top condition, with the best materials.

Loc.: the Netherlands                









Carter 39

Design: Dick Carter

11,92 x 3,89 x 2,10

Year: 2010  (Hull: GRP)

New engine / electric wiring / interior / etc...

Loc.: the Netherlands                



Asking price € 69,500




REGENT Vindö 40


Vindö 40

9,43 x 2,95 x 1,40 

Hull: GRP with Teak deck

Swedish quality icon in original good condition!

Loc.: Goudswaard (De Put), The Netherlands  







REGENT Vindö40


Swan 43

Design: Sparkman & Stephens

13,04 x 3,55 x 2,20

Year: 1969  (Hull: GRP)

Top condition! A lot of Tender, Love and Care.

Loc.: the Netherlands                







SKIK Marieholm 26


Marieholm 26

Design: Tord Sundén

8,00 x 2,20 x 1,24

Year: 1979  (Hull: GRP)

In original top condition.

Loc.: the Netherlands                







SKIK Marieholm 26


Hinckley Bermuda 40 Yawl

Design: Bill Trip 

12,40 x 3,60 x 1,24 / 2,70

Year: 1966  (Hull: GRP) 

A well maintained centreboard fibreglass Classic.

With nice interieur details. 

Loc.: Stellendam, The Netherlands     


Price on request. 






Stoertebeker III

Design: Henri Rasmussen

10,20 x 2,62 x 1,60

Year: 1937  (Hull: Oak)

In a very good and original condition.

Loc.: Stellendam, the Netherlands                



Asking price € 19,900          



Walrus 90

Design: Eef Grinwis

9,60 x 3,60 x 1,00

Year: 2010  (Hull: Steel)

Looks of a commercial vessel!

Loc.: the Netherlands                








La mano del Maestro

Frans Maas 36

Design: Frans Maas

11,00 x 3,20 x 1,80

Year: 1973 (Hull: GRP) Refit: 2007 / 2011

Super Tuned, fast and easy to handle classic.

Major refit!

Loc.: Stellendam, The Netherlands            


Price on request.





Fiddlers Green

Edge 31

9,55 x 2,20 x 1,40 

Hull: GRP with Esthec® decking

Easy handling rocket daysailor with high level finish.

Weights only 1.650 Kg with 1.000 Kg ballast!

Loc.: Stellendam, The Netherlands   









Sailing Sloop

10,50 x 2,60 x 1,45

Year: 1920 Refit 1978  (Hull: Composite)

Beautiful sailing sloop with surprising sailing characteristics. 

Loc.: Stellendam, the Netherlands                


 Price reduction!

Asking price € 27,500





Brilliant Class 620

Design: Van Veen

6,20 x 2,00 x 0,65

Year: 1998  (Hull: GRP)  

Strong built tender with nice finish in teak and mahogany.

Loc.: Stellendam, The Netherlands







Voogt Classic 1500



14,90 x 3,40 x 0,80

Hull: Mahogany and teak.

Real Classic from 1938.

Now for sale as an almost finished or

in a finished version.

Loc.: Stellendam, The Netherlands                







Nijverheidsweg 28, 3251 LP

Stellendam, the Netherlands


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